Course Schedule

Tuesday, January 28

  • Intro & Expectations
  • View Film: The Truman Show
The Truman Show

The Truman Show

Thursday, January 30

  • Finish Film

Tuesday, February 4

  • “The Precession of Simulacra” (on Moodle or in Baudrillard)

Thursday, February 6

  • Quiz on Baudrillard

Tuesday, February 11

  • Descartes Reading (on Moodle)


Thursday, February 13

  • Hume Reading (on Moodle)


Tuesday, February 18

  • “The Narrative Construction of Reality” (on Moodle)

Thursday, February 20

  • Quiz (Descartes, Hume, Bruner, Literary Realism, Modernism/Postmodernism)

Tuesday, February 25

  • The blog goes LIVE at 8:30am
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (thru Ch. 8, do not need to read intro)
The film BLADERUNNER is based on this novel.

The film BLADERUNNER is based on this novel.

Thursday, February 27: NO CLASS

Tuesday, March 4

  • Do Androids Dream (finish the novel)

Thursday, March 6

  • “Public Attitudes Towards Androids: A Market Analysis” (on Moodle)

Tuesday, March 11

  • “Preface to Simulation in Media and Culture” (on Moodle)
  • “Fear and Loathing in SecondLife” (on Moodle)
Readings are from this book.

Readings are from this book.

Thursday, March 13

  • “Planting Crops in the Hyperreal” (on Moodle)
  • “Seriously Fun: Marketing and the Gaming Experience” (on Moodle)

March 18 & March 20: NO CLASS (Spring Break)

Tuesday, March 25

  • The Wilderness (through chapter 11)

Thursday, March 27

  • The Wilderness (finish the novel)

Tuesday, April 1

  • “The Bus Stop” (audio from Radiolab, on Moodle)
  • Prospectus Due: 2 pages, minimum (longer is fine).  Must include goals of project, research methods, description of deliverable, timeline of work, questions you hope to consider, and why you think the project is worthwhile.  UPLOAD AS A PDF TO APPROPRIATE FOLDER ON MOODLE.  Late submissions will receive a reduced grade.

Thursday, April 3

  • GirlBoyGirl (thru “Cherry Vanilla”)
Winona Ryder and JT LeRoy

Winona Ryder and JT LeRoy

Tuesday, April 8

  • GirlBoyGirl (thru “Tennessee”)

Thursday, April 10

  • GirlBoyGirl (finish the novel)
  • Bring laptop and research to class to work on hoax post

Tuesday, April 15

  • Bring in your Hoax Handout
  • “How Reality TV Ate My Life” (on Moodle)
  • “Reality in America” (on Moodle)
Steve Almond

Steve Almond

Thursday, April 17

  • Analyze a scene from the Reality TV program of your choice.  Come to class prepared with the URL for the scene and a brief set of related notes and questions to share with the class.
  • “Imitation meets Simulation: Seinfeld’s George Costanza as the ‘Original’ Larry David” (on Moodle)
Jason Alexander and Larry David

Jason Alexander and Larry David

Tuesday, April 22

  • “Six Characters in Search of an Author” (on Moodle)
Six Characters in Search of an Author

Six Characters in Search of an Author

Thursday, April 24

  • City of Glass (thru page 85, “He did not even have one.”)

Tuesday, April 29

  • City of Glass (finish the graphic novel)
  • Post a progress report on your Final Project on Moodle.

Thursday, May 1

  • “The City of Robots” by Umberto Eco (on Moodle)
  • “Learning from Celebration” by Andrew Ross (on Moodle)
  • “Welcome to Celebration, Florida!” (video on Moodle)
  • Quiz on reading today!
Disney's Main Street USA

Disney’s Main Street USA

Tuesday, May 6

  • “There’s really nothing left to explore” (on Moodle)

Thursday, May 8

  • Final Projects Due (remember to post your Final Project blog post before class, and comment on a classmate’s post before 11am on Friday).  Projects that are more than 5 minutes late will have 5 points deducted off the rubric, and will lose 1 point for every subsequent hour that they are late.  No projects will be accepted after Sunday, May 10 at 11am.
  • Exam Review

Final Exam is Tuesday, 5/13, 11am-1:30pm.

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