IS4444 Course Schedule

Tuesday, January 27

  • Intro & Expectations
  • Blog Enrollment

Thursday, January 29
Thursday work should be posted by midnight at the latest.  5pm is the preferred deadline.

  • POST TO BLOG: Post an introduction on the blog.  Share your background (as you feel comfortable sharing), explain how you came to IS, and give a description of your IS major.  Explain what you think interdisciplinarity is all about.  Why pursue an interdisc program or project?  What excites you about interdisc learning?  What should the role of interdisciplinarity be in higher education?  This post must have one still image (properly licensed/cited), and at least a paragraph of text.  Optional: feel free to include a video introduction!  For tips on how to write a great blog, check this out:
  • The blog can be found at

Tuesday, February 3

  • STUDY GUIDE DUE: Create a study guide that covers the following material from the Repko text.  Bring a hard copy of your guide to class.
    • Definitions: multidisciplinary; interdisciplinary; transdisciplinary; systems thinking; contextual thinking; stakeholder; critical interdisciplinarity; instrumental interdisciplinarity.
    • Conceptual Ideas: methods (inductive/deductive & qualitative/quantitative); complexity theory; perspective taking theory; common ground theory; integration theory

Thursday, February 5

  • POST TO BLOG: Find some web content related to interdisciplinarity.  It might be a website about an interdisciplinary project or product, an article or blog post about interdisciplinary education, a video about interdisciplinary theory or practice, etc.  Summarize the content, explain what you think is compelling about it, and explicitly describe the interdisciplinary aspects.  Make sure your post includes a link to the content (embedded videos are great! images are great!).  Engage your readers by asking questions and providing new things to think about.

Tuesday, February 10

  • Test on Study Guide #1
  • POST TO BLOG: Comment on at least two of the new blog posts by your classmates.  Make sure your comments are robust and engaged.

Thursday, February 12

  • MOODLE POST: Offer a brainstormed list of 5 possible ideas for your IS capstone project.  Make sure each idea is explained in a few sentences, and list 4 positives and 4 challenges for EACH project idea.

Tuesday, February 17

  • MOODLE COMMENTS: Comment on the brainstormed project list of at least two of your classmates.  Offer feedback on which ideas seem most exciting, which ones seem most do-able and/or challenging, etc.  Offer helpful resources or problem-solving tips if you have them.
  • READING: Read Chapter 7 in Repko.
  • Quiz on Chapter 7.

Thursday, February 19

  • POST TO BLOG: Identify an issue/problem that you are interested in (make sure you do not use one from the Repko chapter).  Create a chart showing the relevant disciplines, each one’s perspective on the issue/problem, and how the perspective illumines the issue/problem/subject as a whole.  Above your chart, create a brief narrative where you explain the issue/problem and explain why critical pluralism, interdisciplinarity, and/or multiple perspectives are important to the addressing of the issue/problem.

Tuesday, February 24

  • POST TO BLOG: Comment on at least two of the new blog posts by your classmates.  Make sure your comments are robust and engaged.
  • Read Chapter 8 in Repko.
  • MOODLE POST: Answer one Critical Thinking question and one Applications and Exercises question in the appropriate Moodle folder.

Thursday, February 26

  • MOODLE POST: Do a 10 minute free-write on your capstone project.
  • Read Chapter 9 in Repko.

Tuesday, March 3

  • Create Study Guide for test on Chapters 7, 8, & 9.  Bring hard copy to class.
  • MOODLE COMMENTS: Comment on the free-writes of at least two of your classmates.  Makes sure your comments are robust and well-developed.  Feel free to offer critiques, ideas, and tips.

Thursday, March 5

  • Work on Project Prospectus.

Tuesday, March 10

  • Test on Study Guide #2.
  • POST ON BLOG: Post your Project Prospectus on the blog.  Consult the rubric for information.

Thursday, March 12

  • POST TO BLOG: Comment on at least two of the Project Prospectuses by your classmates.  Make sure your comments are robust and engaged.

March 17 & 19: SPRING BREAK

Tuesday, March 24

  • Read Chapters 10 & 11 in Repko.  Prepare Study Guide as you go.
  • POST ON BLOG: Go back to your Prospectus blog post.  Add a new comment to your post exploring how the first four steps of the Broad Model will affect your plans.

Thursday, March 26

  • Read Chapter 12 in Repko.  Complete Study Guide for Chapters 10, 11, & 12.

Tuesday, March 31

  • Bring Study Guide #3 to class in hard copy form to be checked off.
  • Bring March 24th classwork to class in hard copy form to be checked off.
  • Begin Literature Search.  Create chart with listed disciplines, authors, focus of insight, and evaluation of insight.  Fill in disciplines and authors.  Have 3-4 for each chosen discipline.  Minimum of 3 disciplines, but no maximum! Order texts from ILL if necessary.

Thursday, April 2

  • Read 2 articles, take notes, and fill in chart.  Bring evidence of notes and chart to class on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 7

  • Test on Study Guide #3.
  • Read 2 more articles, take notes, and fill in chart.  Bring evidence of notes and chart for all 4 texts to class today.

Thursday, April 9

  • Project

Tuesday, April 14

  • Project.

Thursday, April 16

  • Project

Tuesday, April 21

  • Review resources in Career Corner on Moodle
  • Draft your resume and bring it to class (print-out or on laptop ok)
  • Career Services Visit

Thursday, April 23

  • Project

Tuesday, April 28

  • NO CLASS: I will be available in my office for conferencing from 5-6:15pm if you need me.  Otherwise, you do not need to come to class.  Please use this time to work on your projects!  Complete your research, finish executing your projects, begin to draft your paper, and build your slides for the screencast.

Thursday, April 30

  • Project

Tuesday, May 5

  • Bring draft of completed project paper to class.  Workshop in class.  NOTE: You will be marked absent for this class and will not be able to participate in the workshop if your paper is not COMPLETE when you arrive.
  • Bring Lit Search chart & notes to class to be graded.

Thursday, May 7

  • Finish paper revisions and start screencast.
  • Exit Interview due to Robin by email (  Copies available in Moodle under “Helpful Links.”

Final Exam is Tuesday, May 12 from 5-6:15pm

  • Your PROJECT is due by noon.  You can send it to me electronically, drop it off to my mailbox in Ellen Reed, or arrange for me to get it in some other way.
  • You will give a 5 minute version of your PPT at our exam.  Please time yourself to make sure you are no longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 4 minutes.  Please email me this PPT by 4pm so that it will be available to you in class without you having to log in separately.  You will lose points on this grade if you do not email me the presentation by 4pm.
  • POST TO BLOG: Post a screencast of your full project PPT and a copy of your full project paper in a single post.  Due by 4pm.
  • Email AIS submission by 5pm and BCC a copy to me for +1 point of extra credit on your final project grade.

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