Course Schedule

Tuesday, September 1

  • Introduction to Open Education: Crowdsourcing our Syllabus
  • How to use

Thursday, September 3

  • Select one public domain Native American text from Use Hypothesis to annotate it, adding a title annotation to explain why it would be a good text to include in our class. Focus on themes of first contact if possible. Come to class ready to pitch your text for our anthology.
  • Read Michael Dorris’ “Native American Literature in an Ethnohistorical Context” on Moodle and annotate it in  Make sure you open the pdf in your browser (don’t download it) to allow the app to work.

Tuesday, September 8

  • Read/annotate student-selected Native American texts (now available in OpenAmLit).

Thursday, September 10

Columbus’ brutality was well-documented

  • Christopher Columbus (OpenAmLit)
  • Requerimiento (OpenAmLit) (you can wait until class to read this– we will cover it as a group)

Tuesday, September 15

  • Cabeza de Vaca (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, September 17

  • The Pueblo Revolt (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, September 22

  • William Bradford (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, September 24

  • Thomas Morton (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, September 29

  • Anne Bradstreet (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, October 1

  • Mary Rowlandson (OpenAmLit)
  • “Decennium Luctuosum” [Hannah Dustan’s Captivity] from the Cotton Mather section (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, October 6

Such chilling tourist sites in Salem! Oooo!

  • Cotton Mather (OpenAmLit)
  • DeRosa “You Seem to Act Witchcraft” (on Moodle)

Thursday, October 8

Tuesday, October 13

  • PAPER #1?

Thursday, October 15

  • Jonathan Edwards (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, October 20

Paine, Gibson, Jefferson, Ledger — you know: the Founding Fathers

  • Thomas Paine (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, October 22

  • Thomas Jefferson (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, October 27

  • Toussaint L’Ouverture (OpenAmLit)
  • Briton Hammon (OpenAmLit)
  • Prince Hall (OpenAmLit)
  • Phillis Wheatley (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, October 29

  • Judith Sargent Murray (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, November 3

Poor Charlotte

  • Susanna Rowson (Volume I in OpenAmLit)

Thursday, November 5

  • Susanna Rowson (Volume II in OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, November 10

  • Paper #2?

Thursday, November 12

  • Edgar Allan Poe (OpenAmLit)
Mr. Poe

Mr. Poe

Tuesday, November 17

Come, devil; for to thee is this world given!

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, November 19  NO CLASS

Tuesday, November 24

  • Walt Whitman (OpenAmLit)

Thursday, November 26  NO CLASS

Tuesday, December 1

  • Paper #3?

Thursday, December 3

  • Mark Twain (OpenAmLit)

Tuesday, December 8

  • TBD

Thursday, December 10

  • Exam Review

Final Exam is Thursday, December 17th from 8am-10:30am.

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